MulchIt Ltd Services

Mulch and Bark Installations

MulchIt Services

  • Mulch and bark installations [residential and commercial]
  • Horse arena restoration and replacement
  • Playground mulch [Good Fall]
  • Rooftop gardens / lawns
  • New lawns
  • Top dressing [turf renovations ]
  • Animal bedding / poultry houses / calf pens
  • Septic tank fields
  • Silt / erosion control
  • Vegetated retaining walls
  • Stream bank restoration
  • Pond stabilisation
  • Wetland restoration
  • Native plantings
  • Native tree brokers
  • Swale and water diversion
  • Specialised growing mediums

Landscape supply direct to contractors

Erosion Control

Perimeter sediment control

Erosion Control – Filter socks

Filter socks are a storm-water run off filtration device. They are typically used as a perimeter control for sediment around construction activities. The organic filter medium filters water as it passes through, allowing water to temporarily pond behind the filter sock and giving any suspended solids time to settle. They are quick to install and remove with no soil disturbance when removing. In most cases, the filter socks can be cut into short lengths for easy handling and they can be reused.

Sizes Available:

  • 150mm gutter guard [around cesspits and inlets]
  • 220mm perimeter sock
  • 300mm perimeter sock

With a range of filling media for different applications.

Compost erosion blanket

  • Acts as a buffer to absorb rainfall energy
  • Immediately reduces wind and water erosion
  • Stimulates microbial activity which increase the decomposition of organic materials in the soil, adding to soil structure
  • Prevents soil compaction and crusting so moisture can percolate
  • Slows the flow of water over the surface of the soil
  • Captures and retains moisture, reducing soil moisture loss and facilitating plant growth
  • Provides a suitable micro-climate for seed germination
  • Improves and stabilises soil texture.

Vegetated retaining walls / Grow socks

Compost filled socks are used to establish vegetation on slopes.This system is a green alternative to timber or concrete walls. The compost in the filter sock helps to improve the structure of the sub soil behind the wall, which promotes a healthier root structure and deeper root penetration, giving a stable, natural-looking wall with long term growth.

  • Slip repair

  • Stream banks

  • Shore line erosion

  • Plus many more uses

Coconut (coir) matting

  • 2.4m x 50m – 300gsm
  • 2.4m x 50m – 450gsm
  • 45cm x 45cm – 1000gsm squares with pre-cut centre and hole