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All New Zealand Wool erosion/weed control matting.
Available in 300gsm, 450gsm for general erosion control and 1000gsm for heavy duty erosion control swale lining, ponds and stream edging. Wool can also be customed designed in many different densities and up to 4mtrs in width.
Wool Bond is fully biodegradable, sustainable and contains no synthetic fibres or plastics.




Currently available in 300gsm, 450gsm for general erosion control and 1000gsm for heavy duty erosion control, swale lining and pond and stream edging.

All NZ sourced wool with no foreign or imported materials.

Produced and distributed in NZ by NZ owned companies.

Roll size: 2.2m x 30m (66m2)

Colour: Slate Grey

100% Biodegradable.

Sustainable resource: Wool Bond is made from a 100% sustainable resource

Wool Bond prevents soil erosion and retains moisture in the soil (up to 40% of its weight)

Wool Bond fully biodegrades and releases plant nutrients into the soil providing a boost for growing.

Wool Bond can be seeded via hand casting, air borne and hydroseeding.

Protects and insulates seeds and roots.

Inhibits weed development whilist a canopy develops.

Easily drapes to follow the contour of the land

Cut edges do not fray giving Wool Bond good tensile strength.

Wool Bond is quick and easy to apply.

Wool Bond is safe to handle and store.


Used as a mulch alternative prior to planting.

Erosion control on batters, bunds, pond edges, stream banks and swale drains.

Used in landscaping to cover and nourish soil and promote soil health.

Used in horticulture to provide nutrients, moisture retention and protect against temperature extremes.

Used in re-vegetation plantings, native plantings, landscape restoration, orchards, nurseries and market gardens.


Wool Bond should be installed over bare soils or ground that has had weed control to inhibit aggressive weeds and grasses.

The area should be contoured evenly to ensure a good soil/Wool Bond contact is achieved.

Wool Bond is best rolled down a slope with the top edge trenched and pinned in place.

Any joins or overlaps should be 100mm.

Wool Bond can be pinned using biodegradable Eco Pins or ground staples of 230mm in length. Istallation guide available.

Pins or staples should be placed every 0.5m -1m

Pin or staple into depressions to maintain good soil contact


Wool Bond is easily cut with a sharp box knife, knife or scissors prior to inserting a plant

Either a single cut or a cross cut can be used

Close the Wool Bond and the plant and if required pin or staple Wool Bond down