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Bark / Mulches

We have a wide range of barks and mulches for you to choose from. Whether you need moisture retention, weed suppression or just a good looking mulch, we can help you find what you’re looking for.

Lawn / Garden Mix / Soils

We only use Living Earth and Dalton’s soil mixes; they are weed free and the best quality products available. They produce great results. We also provide customised lawn and garden mixes for specific seasons and locations.


Used for top dressing lawns, fields, parks etc. to help improve soil condition.

Also used on earth work sites and as an erosion blanket. Compost will also assist seed germination in the winter months.

Silt socks

A silt fence alternative is available in a range of sizes and can be filled with a range of products to suit the requirements of each site.

Erosion and silt control 

We supply a range of products for erosion and silt control. From our gutter guard sock used around storm water inlets through to the compost blanket for slope stabilisation and re-vegetation, we can supply it. With over 20 years’ experience in the erosion control industry, we provide simple and cost-effective solutions to everyday problems.

Coconut Fibre matting – Rolls- 300gsm and 450gsm – 2.4m x 50m rolls (120m2). Suitable for ponds, wetlands, swales, erosion control and plantings

Filter Socks. 3m x 220mm. Used to retain silt and sediment, divert water flow and protect the environment from sediment discharge. Used in civil works, landscaping and construction. Filled with a 100% natural and bio-degradable medium.

Grow Socks. Filled with customised growing media (can also be seeded) to enhance ground stability, create retaining walls, rebuild stream and pond banks and form landscapes. Can be customised to suit your landscape or restoration project. Also perfect for creating strawberry and herb gardens. Limitless growing possibilities.

Tree ties and root guards

Jute tree tie. A strong, low stretch completely natural tree tie. Poly Webbing Tree Tie – Strong and durable. 50mm x 100m rolls and 50mm x 65m rolls. Soft Wire Tree Tie. Foam covered wire suitable for new plantings and delicate plants. 10m rolls.

Root Guard. Made from 100% recycled plastic to protect paving, roads, service and pipework from root damage. Excellent around bamboo and other fast growing plants. Council approved.

Weed suppression

Coconut Fibre squares with pre cut centre and slotted for quick and easy installation. 45cm x 45cm suitable for individual plantings to protect roots, retain moisture and suppress weeds.

Eco Pins for securing coconut fibre. Made from poly maize that is 100% bio-degradable within 3-4 years. The perfect eco-friendly solution.

Galvanised ground staples for securing coconut fibre and weed matting. Box of 200 x 230mm long.

Animal bedding

Stable Chip. Pure NZ Pine specially ground to form a small chip suitable for horse stables, calf pens, poultry houses, rabbit hutches and kennels.

Non-toxic, dust-free and available in sacks for convenience or bulk via tipper truck. We can also blow this product into large areas via our blower trucks.




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